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05 August 2020 @ 10:49 am
friends only.

✦ comment to be added
Random adds are not loved. And when you comment, please tell me what to call you or else I'll end up calling you by your username all the time. ^^

✦ things in common
Let's have some things to talk about, shall we? There's not much point to being on each other's friends list if we're not even friends.

✦ commenting/posting
You don't have to comment on my every entry, but at least show up on some of them. If we never talk, what's the point of being friends? Sometimes I can't find anything to say, but I try to comment on every entry on my f-list. It's the first thing I check when I get on LJ.
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04 August 2020 @ 09:34 pm

card post for anime_lj_tcg
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03 August 2020 @ 08:25 pm

card log for anime_lj_tcg
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